Bible reading plans

There is a Bible reading plan that fits any person, with any style, and with any amount of margin! Over 20 different Bible reading plans are listed in the word document attached. Bible reading plans are helpful for personal discipline in Bible reading. There is also a very helpful app for your smart phone! Download the Word document of Bible Reading Plans.

Online plans can make reading the Bible much more accessible throughout your day.  Consider one of these options.

14 online bible reading plans

View each plan on the web and/or be reminded by receiving it each day by email. Each plan is available in several languages and translations. There are no charges or strings attached. You will not be sent any advertisements or have your name added to other lists if you subscribe. You can un-subscribe from any plan any time with one click. View online reading plans.

the one year bible

Needing some structure and a daily routine? Try the One Year Bible. Sign up at Hard copies of the One Year Bible are available at places like Lifeway Christian Stores and Make a plan, work the plan and let God's Word work in you!!

How to study the bible

Helpful hints on how to study your Bible. It includes great online Bible study resources. Download the Word document of How to Study Your Bible.

“how to have a simple family devotion” by mike olmstead

One of the most frustrating and rewarding habits that growing families do, is a family devotional time. It shows the kids what the parents REALLY value. But how do you do it? 

How to S.O.A.P

This is a summarized instruction on how to SOAP—the journaling method we introduced at Evergreen from the book The Divine Mentor in the fall of 2013.  Print it up and place it in your journal for easy reference! Download the "How to S.O.A.P." Word document.





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