Welcome to the Evergreen HelpDesk

What to expect for support at the Evergreen/Urban Refuge/The Rock online HelpDesk:

We offer a few different types of support at our HelpDesk:

  • Staff/Volunteer technical support - staff and volunteers who need to use our network system and our web sites can request a login and request support tickets through our Help Desk portal OR use the HelpDesk email listed below. These tickets will take priority over others.
  • General EC systems support - If you are having trouble with our online forms, the web sites, getting EC emails or using our reservation system, you can submit a ticket via the email address listed below.

Please know that we cannot provide personal technical assistance to non-staff personnel.

To submit a ticket to the Help Desk please email:  helpdesk@evergreenchurch.com

Include in your email:

  1. A summary description of the issue.
  2. Any solutions already attempted.
  3. A URL link if referring to a website issue.
  4. A desired "due by" date if needed.
  5. Your name and, optionally, your phone number.

If you are a member of the Evergreen staff and would like a login to the Help Desk portal, please email Paul at planhart@evergreenchurch.com

The benefit to using the portal is that it is a direct connection to our Help Desk and offers a simple input form for submission and allows you to look at your existing tickets and history.





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