A Taste of Evergreen by Irene Lindberg


This past Sunday,  we had our much anticipated Taste of Evergreen event. Twice a year Evergreen organizes an international food festival to encourage others to share a favorite dish they enjoy from their culture and/or heritage.  It’s also an opportunity for us as a church to come together and learn more about what makes us unique.  
This Fall, there were 30 participants, representing 18 different nationalities that served their favorite dishes, and well over 100 people enjoying the meals. There were tables decorated with meaningful representations of the cultures, and participants even dressed up to support the cultures they hold dear.  The beautiful thing about hosting this event is that people are always so eager to sit down and share a home-cooked meal, made with love.  
One of the many great stories from Taste of Evergreen, was about a family visiting church for the first time, the weekend before the event.  They signed up to bring a dish from their native country, El Salvador. They joined us for Taste of Evergreen, and met others from El Salvador and the surrounding countries.  As they were serving food, they got to interact with people face to face and exchange great conversations. What a great way to meet a community—through a meal!
Taste of Evergreen provided a great way to go beyond “Minnesota Nice” and step into breaking bread, as a symbol of welcoming anyone coming through our doors.  
Thank you for all who joined us. We look forward to our next Taste of Evergreen!

Spencer Bernard