Faithwalkers 2018 by Deacon Ales


Editor’s note: At Faithwalkers, we take a break from the distractions of the world and join other followers from our association of churches who are seeking to love God and grow in their relationship with Him. Faithwalkers Midwest 2018 will be hosted in Des Moines, Iowa from Saturday, December 29 – Monday December 31st. We asked pastor Deacon about Faithwalkers:

Why are you excited about going to Faithwalkers this year? 

For Roseanne and I, Faithwalkers has always been a sort of “Spiritual Fruit Concentrate for the Soul.” Imagine hundreds of believers gathered together in one place, worshiping the one and only God! It’s like a shot of spiritual adrenaline. It helps us to focus more on Jesus and eternity, and less on the mundane, day-to-day worries of life.  It’s also been great seeing and talking with people we’ve built relationships with over the years. Faithwalkers has helped us to embrace more of a “global church” mindset.

How has Faithwalkers impacted you and your family in past years?

There’s just something about hundreds of people gathering together, with a unified vision, to serve and worship the Lord. The conversations I have there have just oozed with purpose and passion for the Lord. And those conversations have impacted how I interact with my wife, kids, and people I serve at church. Hearing stories from others has always given me the passion to go make some stories of my own!

What would you say to someone wondering if it’s worth the travel and expense?

The cost is incomparable to the heavenly return on investment! Whether you’re single or married and driving in a huge caravan of friends, or you’re families driving down on your own—what you learn, and the friendships you make and develop, is all so worth it! The teaching is superb, and worshiping the Lord with my kids, surrounded by so many others, can’t be beat! And Faithwalkers mealtimes provide an unusual, significant opportunity to eat meals, while enjoying rousing spiritual conversations with those you dine with.

Hope to see you there this year! For more information or to register go to:

Spencer Bernard