God Had a Plan All Along by Petra Eick


Editor’s note: This was recently posted on Facebook.

    “I am so incredibly proud of my husband Ed. I have watched his struggle for 31 years. When Ed accepted God into his life and sought His help, God did so many incredible things. He taught me that Ed’s recovery will only come through Him. I needed to step aside and let God BE God! And I was allowed to be weak and not carry this burden any more. 

   God had His plan all along. He sent us to Minnesota (Army) where I found Evergreen-Bloomington. He sent us to Pastor Jeff Groen, who had no idea why we asked him for guidance. We received from Jeff, biblical advice, guidance, and love.

    I also received comfort. You see, Jeff asked Ed if he wanted help. He told Ed about the Evergreen recovery group. Ed agreed to go. Jeff had told us “the men of the group will take care of Ed”! And they did, and they still do. 

     Out of respect for the program, I will not name them. But you guys know who you are, and I praise God for you all. Thank you for accepting my husband and showing him the way. We love you guys. 

     Pastor Jeff did not stop there. He continued to counsel us. He made sure we joined a marrieds’ small group. We still love all of them and stay in contact. Jeff also made sure I joined a “women’s only” small group. I found great women of God in my group, who gave me words of wisdom and love. 

Spencer Bernard