God at Work

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By Rich Rhodes

Editor’s note: Sonshine Kidz wrapped for the summer last Sunday. It was hot. It was uncomfortable. And it was awesome. So many encouraging stories. I asked Rich Rhodes to write one up, and here’s what he shared:

Being my 3rd year of being involved with Sonshine Kidz, I've seen the church show up. It's generally the same people, and it's awesome when God surprises you with how He's moving in people. This year, I've seen a change in Brent. He's more engaged. He's excited. Yesterday, he came asking if we had a soccer ball in the trailer. He was holding a volleyball, and I could tell it wouldn't suffice. A little searching, and I found the soccer ball. When he got it, I watched him as he scanned the South Gate field. The Sonshine Kidz program was going on, but he was looking for others. He was looking for those he could engage with a soccer ball who weren't engaged in the program. 

I reflected on this during my drive into work this morning. The song "Reckless Love of God" was on the radio. I likened Christ's searching for the lost, for me, to what Sonshine Kidz is all about. It's about connecting with kids who are otherwise not engaged. To show them the love of Jesus.

I kept an eye on him and the kids he found. Brent played soccer on and off for over an hour. The kids loved it. I loved it! 

Way to go Brent! Way to go God!


Spencer Bernard