Joseph Leaves the Building


Joseph Bergman, a 13 yr. old, soon-to-be 8th grader, planned on going to summer camp last week. Instead God activated him for Mission To Our City. Read on to learn what God did IN and THROUGH Joseph during those memorable five days. 

It was great to see you out serving and being the hands and smile of Jesus  during MTOC. There were a lot of activities to choose from. How did you choose to spend your time? 

I was interested in the evangelism projects. I mostly did Outreach, but I did do the VEAP food drive/ Prayer on the Porch option once. 

You went with Scott Boeser and your sister to Bush Lake to share your faith. What was that like?

I was a little scared and didn’t think much would happen. But I think we made a big impact on Bruce and Deb, whom we met.  While Scott talked to Bruce, I mostly just made sure my sister was happy. I got to pray out loud for Deb and listen as she told us about her broken life. I learned from Scott that a little conversation plus faith can make a big difference.

You also went out sharing with Pastor Tim Weber. How did that go? 

It was a lot of fun. We went to Starbucks and bought coffee for a man named Marquell. He asked us to pray for him, which lead into sharing the gospel with him. Afterwards he ended up accepting Jesus. I learned from Tim to be patient while sharing the gospel.

 [A little side note, from Mike Bergman, Joseph’s father: “Of everyone in our family, Joseph, so far, is definitely the one with the gift of evangelism. Go figure.] 

Did you go through the Evangelism Training for MTOC? 

I watched the 10-minute video. Then our family practiced sharing the gospel with the color-coded bible and bracelet. It gave us a sense of direction on how to share gospel. [Revive Twin Cities training video HERE

Can you describe for us what God did in your heart as a result of Mission To Our City? 

I can struggle with trying too hard to be a “nice person.” During MTOC, I had a quiet time that really showed me I had to let go and let God work in me.

Do you have a particular verse that God impressed upon you during MTOC? 

Ephesians 2:22: “And in Him you too are being built together to become a dwelling in which God lives by his Spirit.” Notice that it says “Being built together” and not “Building ourselves together.”

What can the church pray for you, Joseph? 

Pray that God’s glory would shine through me and that I can be confident in Christ.

Alyssa LowryMTOC