Maddie Making a Difference


At the first Sonshine Kidz event  this June, Evergreener and new college graduate Maddie Ince was seen wandering around the Southgate lawn, scoping things out. Now she’s a weekly worker at the Sonshine KIDZ Nail Polish & Tattoo tables and has committed to serving at Mission To Our City.

What drew you to Sonshine Kidz that eventful Sunday? 

Maddie: Honestly, I was lonely! I wanted to get involved in serving and meet like-minded people. And I did! 

Do you enjoy doing the kids’ nails and applying tattoos? 

M: Honestly? I am usually just thinking one thing when I paint nails—I hope I don't mess this up. God help me.  Please don’t let me mess this up. But seriously, I enjoy seeing kids smile after we are done. Cheesy, but true.

What are your feelings after serving the kids every Sunday? 

Every time I leave Sonshine Kidz, I'm encouraged. God is moving there.  All that a person has to do is show up for it.

What inspired you to go through the Mission To Our City training? 

Actually, I thought it was required. So being a square is what motivated me.

How did you feel about the “prayer-evangelism” training and what were some takeaways from Pastor Rob Busse’s talk? 

I loved it. The most important part I got out of it was to have God’s heart for sharing– to love people. If I'm going after God's heart, I'm going after loving his children.

How did you feel about going out and actually doing the Prayer/evangelism part?

Nervous, but it was fine. The nice thing was doing it in a threesome, so I didn't feel pressured to do all the talking.

How did you feel afterwards, when it was all said and done?

I felt very equipped to hold a conversation about God, that's for sure! Shortly afterwards, I was able to have a conversation with someone very close to me who has walked away from the church. We both listened to each other and had a very deep conversation. I am grateful for Pastor Rob’s training, because the principles weren't  a step-by-step way to throw religion at people. He taught us first to having a loving, listening, and compassionate mindset. Of course, he also gave us practical tools to use in conversation.  

How are you feeling about going through Mission to Our City? Excitement, fears, hesitations? 

All of the above. And peace. I was unsure at first about participating. Then you [Mary Knox] asked me if I was going. And I was like, “If that's not a sign from God to stop being wishy- washy, I don't know what is.”

Editor’s note: It’s not too late to join in with MTOC. Just show up! Any time, any day, for as long as you want. The leads will plug you into where you’ll feel most comfortable. 

Now that you’ve graduated, how do you feel God is leading you, and what do you want to see happen as you’re getting involved at Evergreen?

I definitely want to put my energy into the Young Adults Ministry at Evergreen. As much as I like volunteering with kids, I feel a passion for connecting and reaching out to people my age. 

Is there a verse you feel like God is speaking to you through, about this new chapter of your life?

Right now, Psalm 27:4:
“The one thing that I ask of the Lord–the thing I seek most–is to live in the house of the Lord all of the days of my life, delighting in the Lord's perfections and meditating in his Temple.”
I want to make David's desire, my desire, as I'm breaking into this new season of  my life. I don't know what is coming next— good or bad, or something in between. I hope a new adventure. In any case, I am going wherever God leads while I'm still here on earth.”

Alyssa LowryMTOC