Impacting Our Future: The Pre-Marriage Class

An Interview with Dan & Hailey Templin


What were your feelings going into the Marriage class? 

We both were nervous about going into the class and slightly hesitant if it would be "worth it." I (Hailey) was excited about the tools it could offer us. I didn't grow up in a christian home and had a very different upbringing from Dan so I was excited and nervous about the conversations it would bring up. 

How is your marriage affected by the class?

We know our marriage and even our dating/engagement phase was directly impacted in a positive way from taking the class. We gained so many tools in how to approach one another. Even today, three years in, I would say we "go back to the basics" of techniques we learned during the class. 

Was the class worth it? Would you recommend it to friends?

The class is 100% worth it and we would 100% recommend it to anyone who is seriously dating. It brings up so many topics that can be difficult to discuss and/or expectations that you didn't even know you had, just from how you were raised. It also gives both parties involved the perfect platform to discuss and bring up some of the more in depth topics.  

Any other thoughts?

You get from the class what you put into it. You can easily go through only doing some of the work but you can gain SO much by giving it your all. We get the privilege of helping with the class and mentoring couples. We wouldn't participate in something that we didn't believe in. It is beyond worth it!

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