Important Conversations: The Pre-Marriage Class by Zach and Ashley Nelson


Fit to Be Tied provided opportunities to discuss sensitive topics. These topics included faith, money management, children, past sexual history, roles in marriage, boundaries with in-laws/family, etc. Within the 1st year of marriage we have had several occasions where we both looked at each other and said, “I am glad we discussed this before getting married.”

We both have met married couples who have had conflicts during marriage regarding children, money management, and pornography because these were not addressed before getting married. We have felt like we were on the same page from Day 1 of our marriage because of this class. This class has allowed us to focus on serving each other and the other joys of marriage rather than struggling to get on the same page. We HIGHLY recommend this class to anyone seriously dating and considering marriage. Marriage is so much more than just planning for an amazing wedding day. Focus on preparing for an amazing married life together and you will have an amazing wedding day AND experience the amazing fruits of a Christ-centered marriage.

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Spencer Bernard