Casey's Story


By Casey Flynn

I’m not a naturally compassionate person, but I’ve been able to see over the years how God’s power is made perfect in my weakness. 

The connections we’ve made the past year and a half visiting The Estates nursing home culminated during MTOC when I understood that God was asking me to enter into the pain of the residents there.

I met Cindy, one of the residents, for the first time over MTOC. I had to ask three times how I could pray for her before I got an answer. She said it felt selfish to ask for prayer, but explained that she has two brain aneurysms – one already burst and the other could burst at any time. She is 61 years old and said she feels too young to die.

I put my hand on her and prayed for her and I explained to Cindy that, if she knows Jesus, she will have a new body when she dies. 

I showed her the color-coded bracelet and walked through the Bible verses with her. She believed we are all sinners in need of a Savior, but when I asked if she knew where she was going when she dies she said, “Hopefully heaven.”

I explained that she can know for sure she is going to heaven by believing Christ died for her and rose from the dead. We walked through Romans 10:9-10 again and I said, “Is there any reason you wouldn’t want to do this right now?” And she said, “No, I would like that.”

I held Cindy’s hand and walked her through a prayer. 

Afterwards she told me about her sister that struggles with alcoholism, and I could tell her sister’s brokenness very saddened her. I asked, “Are you thinking about sharing these Bible verses with your sister?” And she said, “Yes.” 

Praise God that Cindy will be with her Savior in eternity whether she dies today or 40 years from now, and that she wants to pass this gift on to her broken sister!

Alyssa LowryMTOC