Painting "The Mary"

By Mary Knox

Last Sunday at Sonshine Kidz, I got to witness Evergreen’s Sonshine Kidz body of believers love on my young friend in wonderful, sweet, new ways. 

First off, Debbie joyfully welcomed her back for her 2nd week, and gave her a big hug at the food tent. Then the Schelkoph daughters invited her to enjoy the festivities with them during the Sonshine Kidz program. After the program, the Food Tent crew fed her and her brother burgers. Rich came over and chatted and laughed with them during their dinner. 

Then the craft people showered her with loving attention. Avery painted her face and Holly applied a colorful unicorn tattoo. 

I had the joy of painting her nails again. As like last time, she was in a conundrum on what colors/ and styles to choose. She chose an iridescent purple and peacock looking shade, donated by Carmen, and wanted them painted in vertical stripes. She called it “The Mary.” I was so touched. I’ve never had anything named after me. While I painted her nails, Maddie read a kid’s gospel tract to her, to help her understand God’s love.

Finally, Marcia and Marya came up and introduced themselves and gave her a stuffed puppy toy. My friend was so touched. As the ladies turned away, she very seriously asked me, “Do you think they’d want a hug? Should I go give them a hug?” I insisted, “Of course! They’d love a hug.” Which she did, and which they did. It was a touching sight.

It was such an impressive evening, seeing all these sweet servants loving on her during this Week 2. It reminded me of the scene in The Wizard of Oz where the Lion got the beauty treatment by the Emerald City ladies. 

But what the Evergreeners are doing is way better. They’re being the hands, smiles, and tender voices of God’s grace, which hopefully soon will lead my young friend into a sweet relationship with Jesus Christ. And THAT, my friends, is what Sonshine Kidz is all about.