Freedom - An Interview with Dave Strandberg


Why did you take the Evergreen U Freedom class?

I was tired of losing the “battle in my mind”—over God’s truth about me, and my perception of myself. I knew I wouldn't experience the joy and peace I should—in God's great gift of salvation that he freely gave me—unless I truly started grabbing a hold of it. I needed to start believing the truth of the Bible and accepting that it was also for me!

How has the class affected you? 

I’ve experienced an immense change! I've been reading the Bible daily for over 25 years. I have always known it was truth, but I felt it was more of a general or corporate truth— for those who were more deserving than me. Now when reading, it’s less out of duty and more about understanding the truth and power of how God really feels about me. Although I can still be hard on myself, there is now so much more acceptance about who I am. I know God wants to use me the way I am—not in comparison to others— which translates into more joy. 

     Here's an example of how it’s helped me. When I read the Bible now, I slow down and really let the Word of God sink in.  I see things that were always there, but that I totally missbefore. Ephesians 2:8 says our faith is a gift from God. I used to feel faith was my “duty.” I had put the burden of “believing” on myself, which led to doubt, fear, and a measure of hopelessness. I'm still trying to figure it out, but its so freeing to know it’s all about grace. 

Would you recommend this class to others?

Yes! I highly recommend this class! I also plan to periodically review it once in a while. 

Spencer Bernard