A New U.S. Citizen by Pastor Jeff Groen


Immigrant Hope had its grand opening at Evergreen Church on May 21, 2017. Ahmed was our first client. Last week he made an oath of allegiance to the United States and became a citizen! This is a BIG deal and worth celebrating!
Ahmed was born in an Ethiopian refugee camp, where life was very difficult. At age 13, he arrived in the U.S. with his mother. It was a confusing and difficult time. He was learning a new culture and language and attending a new school. Raised a Muslim, Ahmed became a Christian at Evergreen, professing Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. He has been a part of Evergreen for about three years. 
One day he walked into our immigration office, because his backpack, holding his green card, had been stolen. He was told he would lose his job without it, causing him much anxiety. We contacted the Department of Justice, clarified his job situation (he was not in jeopardy of losing his job), and renewed his green card. After a very long wait and a tense interview procedure, Ahmed became a U.S. citizen!  

“I’m proud of becoming a U.S. citizen,” said Ahmed. “This has been a hard journey. But Evergreen has been a BIG part of my life! God has been loving me, and He has been with me all this time—even in Ethiopia! Thank you Evergreen for being my family!”

The mission statement of Immigrant Hope is to provide immigrants with “the HOPE of the gospel, HELP finding a pathway to legal residency, and a HOME in a church that cares for their needs!” What a privilege it has been to serve the Lord by helping Ahmed and others like him.

*Ahmed has changed his name to Amin, but he will answer to both.

Spencer Bernard