Undeserved Cookies...and Love by Jeff Reed


The other day I put up a status about someone possibly bringing me a bucket of Sweet Martha's cookies from the state fair. I made the status funny because I'd never hold anyone to something like that. I come home late Friday night and there's a bucket of cookies on my nightstand! It was from the Coggins and Keefe families The very next day, the Templin family brought over another one! The Templins also brought over two meals for us because of our entire family has been sick. It means a lot to me that someone would spend their money on my family.

What really touches me is the fact that someone or multiple families would even think about us while they're with their own families. I don't deserve that. I should add that all three of these families belong to my church and I love the community of people that live life with me and I love their hearts for people. Grace is an awesome thing. But if you ever realize that you've been blessed with grace, then you know it's not something that you could ever earn. It wouldn't be grace if you could. I'm humbled by people's love for me and my family. For a very long time I've felt like people outside of my mom and siblings couldn't really love me. I know people who are proving me wrong. Long story short, cookies or no cookies, thank you for being our friends.

Spencer Bernard