What is the Fuel Benefit Concert..? An interview with Luis Camacho III

Editor’s note: The Fuel Benefit concert has been a yearly event at Lakeville Evergreen, led by Luis Camacho. This year the concert is a partnership between Lakeville and Bloomington Evergreen. The concert is Saturday, February 9th from 6:00-9:00 PM at Bloomington Evergreen.

Could you explain the Fuel Benefit Concert-Fundraiser..?

First of all, Fuel is Evergreen-Lakeville’s version of our food-packing ministries, like E-Bloom’s Hope-full, or the Urban Refuge’s Fill Their Plate.

The money raised through the Fuel Benefit Concert will be used to ship a container—basically like a semi-trailer, filled with goods, and shipped overseas—to either the Dominican Republic, Haiti, or Honduras, where our partner churches can use the meals as the outreach to poor families suffering from malnourishment.

Ok, if I show up what should I expect? 

This concert is about so many things!

Fun: This event is first and foremost about having fun together. Grabbing your friends and family and going to a rock concert is FUN!! Hearing songs you heard on the radio growing up, and then played by your friends onstage is a BLAST!

Fuel: Best of all, we use the fun and fellowship to benefit Fuel: using good music and a good time, to give people good feelings, so they'll give their money to a good cause, which is to feed malnourished people.

What else should I expect…?

Lots of classic rock, costume changes, funny performances, an unending sea of raffle things to  bid on, tons of desserts and espresso delights, and other good-mood-inducing things that make people want to spend their money. And all the money goes straight to Fuel.

What inspired the Fuel Concert Benefit Fundraiser? 

It all began as a way for the Evergreen-Lakeville music-heads to get a chance to play the music they always wanted to play, and that was it. But then they got the money tally back from last year and discovered that the concert had raised nearly $5,000. Nobody expected that. It was the highest-earning benefit concert Evergreen had ever done. It raised as much in one night as the Fuel 

Cafe raised all year. It’s a surprising success in how it contributes to the Great Commission.

So it's become more than a concert! It's become this great rallying, unifying event for our multiple churches! The band gets really excited about upping their game every year.  And the church gets excited about making it bigger and better each time.  And through it all, they fulfill one of the duties as believers: to take care of those who have less than us. The concert accomplishes so much!!

Would this be a good event to invite friends outside of the church to attend?

YES!! The concert was designed to be something to invite non-church people to. It's a Rock Concert!

We’ve  received so many comments from people, about how they invited unchurched friends, who came more out of obligation, but ended up LOVING it.

Spencer Bernard