My Heart is Full - Renée Boudreaux 

Editor’s note: Our Haiti mission team recently returned from Chabin! I asked a few of them to write their thoughts on how the trip went. Here’s the first one from Renée:

It is almost impossible to summarize all I experienced and learned during my second mission trip to Chabin, Haiti.  However, I would say the loudest message I heard from God was to examine how devoted I am to loving one another.  Not just during my trip, but when I return home.

 This trip differed from my first in many ways, but the overwhelming love received was the same, if not more profound.  

I had the opportunity during this trip to interview over 20 people and learn more about their daily life in Chabin.  During these conversations I heard about the daily struggles, from the youngest to the oldest, and over and over I heard them give thanks to God.  I heard beautiful examples of love in action.  When interviewing this sweet young man (Romain), I asked what he liked most about his best friend Makenley and he said, “Because when I need something, he gives it to me”.   Simple, sweet and yet so profound.  A beautiful example of esteeming one another more than ourselves.  This young man does not have much, yet he will give what he has to his friend.  I had to ask myself, do I do this?  Do I do it enough?

During this trip, I also had the privilege of visiting the home of a few different friends and had some of the sweetest conversations during these visits!   I also witnessed the deep love shared within their family, for their community,  their country and also for all of us at Evergreen.  The gracious hospitality and genuine love shared with me and others left a deep imprint in my heart. 

I pray that I will devote myself to loving others more deeply and be more intentional about putting the needs of others ahead of my own. May you too, “be like Makenley”! 

Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.

Romans 12:10 NIV


My heart is full!

Spencer Bernard