Leaders Meeting

Thursday September 5, 2019 

LTM Agenda

Room 127 in the North Hall.  9/5/19 @ 7-9pm.  All Small Group & Ministry leaders & apprentices are invited to kick-off the fall season, together!  Our time will include worship, vision-casting for the fall, an UNSTUCK update, equipping & prayer.

  • Worship – Dan D (Dan, can you also set up rm 127 for sound?) (7:05 – 15 mins)

  • Encouragement Video – TW on video (7:20 – 10 mins)

  • Welcome/Connect – Bill Allyson (7:30 – 5 mins)

    • Highlight Popcorn Bag/Redbox

    • Not just 10 ppl – but 400 person Connections Team!

    • September is church shopping time!

  • Updates…

    • Jon – Weds/Teen Plan (7:35 – 10 mins)

    • Deacon - Young Family Plan (7:45 – 5 min)

    • JAG – Sergio’s Resignation (7:50 - 5 min)

    • JAG - LTMS move to 1st Weds! (7:55 – 5 min)

      • Next All-Campus LTM Oct. 2 – UNSTUCK Update

      • 7:00 start time. Apologize for confusion.

      • Questions? Suggestions? Tiny Groups @ 8:45 (below)

  • What’s ahead….

    • SB – Teaching Plan & Vision: Sept Series/Oct-Nov Series (8:00 – 15 mins)

    • JAG – Calendar – Highlight Key things (8:15 – 10 mins)

  • Ministry Leaders & Small Group Leaders – (JAG) (8:25 – 15 mins)

    • Ministry List & PCO

Current PCO Ministries:   Bread, Check-In, Connection, Elderly, Café, Greeters, Hope-Full, Kids (infant-5th grd), Landscaping, Money Counters, Prayer Corner, Refreshments, Safety & Security, Special Needs, Spoken Word, Techs (Light & Sound & Video), Teens (Jr. High & Sr. High)

    • Small Group Equipping – Resources

      • Wknd Teaching Discussion Sheets

      • RightNow Media

      • Promise Principle

      • PCO

      • Coaching

Break into Tiny Groups w/1 Pastor each for more Q&A and Prayer              (8:40 – 20 mins)

Ministry Leaders & Small Group Leaders



Please make sure your ministry has a group on Planning Center Online.  Our hope is to utilize PCO to communicate/coordinate with the volunteers – and we will use it to communicate with you, the ministry leader!  The next page(s) shows the link to CREATE or LOGIN to your ministry group.  Below are 3 promo descriptions/examples.  Please send me a similar promo for each of your ministries as I attempt to send volunteers your way!  My email is jgroen@evergreenchurch.com.

Greeter/Usher Ministry:  We’re looking for people who want to extend a warm welcome with a smile & a handshake or a bulletin and assist with collecting the offering.  Volunteer every-other week @ 9:15 or 11:15 service.  We begin 15 minutes prior to the start of the service and wrap everything up shortly after the 3-minute break – so about 45-minute commitment.  Please contact Jeremiah Smith at JKSMITH@bkvgroup.com or 612-619-6573.

Refreshments Ministry:  Volunteers prepare drinks and snacks (in a self-serve format) to those attending our church and providing some cleanup afterwards.  Volunteer @ 9:15 or 11:15am services; serve for 45-minutes from 10:15-11am or 12:15-1pm.   The commitment is generally one Sunday per month for one year.  Please contact Rich Rhodes at flipfishhunt@gmail.com or 612.203.3001.

Small Group Equipping:

Please make sure your SG has a group on Planning Center Online.  Our hope is that you utilize PCO to communicate/coordinate your SG – and we will use it to communicate with you, the SG leader!  The next page(s) shows the link to CREATE or LOGIN to your SG.  Some expectations we have for all our SGs:

·         Share communion together in your SG at least 1x/season – or 3x/SG year

·         NEW!  Join the Thursday 10/31 Trunk-Or-Treat from 5-7pm as a SG or as a Family

·         Pray together with your SG 3x/yr in the prayer room over the wknd service Prayer Panels

·         NEW!  Service Project @ EC Facility 1x/yr from 9am-12noon w/3 other SGs  (see Sign-Up)

Small Group Content:

4.       Wknd Teaching Discussion Sheets (10/6 – Start of “Emotions – Being Authentic” series)

5.       RightNowMedia.org – Library of 20,000 video & SG options including:  Parenting, Marriage, Men, Women, Bible Studies, Finance, Work, etc…  by Francis Chan, J.D. Greear, Jennie Allen, Louie Giglio, etc.  All of these are pre-filtered and include Gospel/godly content.  Go to HERE.  You will need an email address and a simple 8-digit password.  Then simply “save” to your computer and bookmark the website so you can access without needing to enter your password, again!  We pay a small monthly fee for all of our SG’s to use this service!

3.       The Promise Principle SG material…  Developing a culture of accountability; reading 1 chapter of the Bible each week; meditating on a promise from that chapter; praying to hear God’s voice!

4.       Any other SG material/content approved by an EC pastor

Coaching:   TBD after SG’s are clarified…  Hope to determine you overseeing coach by end of Sept.


  • Central Office

    • Pastor Rob (Exec Pastor) is at Bl the majority of the time managing the office & helping drive us towards a multi-site model; he has stepped away from Lakeville specific roles

    • We have 2 things that we have never had before:

      • 1) An All-Evergreen Calendar to keep us united in planning and to keep us proactively looking ahead,

      • 2) Weekly all-campus Staff mtgs that include central office resources and the campus pastors in order to keep us working together as a team

    • We are streamlining and unifying our communication – communicating the same messages to all 3 campuses (ie. weekly email, also some social media)

  • 1st time guest experience – we have made significant strides in capturing and connecting with first time guests to improve their experience and increase likelihood of a second visit

  • Kids ministry – All 3 sites are working together to improve Evergreen Kids ministry. We now have 1 curriculum for the 3 campuses and our Kids ministry leaders are working together to prepare the materials – this has been unifying and fun for them. J

Updated central ministry roles (below)…. 


FALL CALENDAR – Evergreen-Bloomington

9/5/19 (Incl. responsible pastor… note that not all EC events are included below)


  • 9/11, Youth Kick-off BBQ (jon)

  • 9/18, Evergreen U classes Begin: Pre-Marriage, FPU, FREEDOM, Special Needs… (BK/SB)

  • 9/18, Parent/Leader Workshop - no youth or kids (jon)

  • 9/22, SG Sign-Ups Begin (jag)

  • 9/25, Youth – Get to know your SG (jon)

  • 9/27, Friday Night Worship & Prayer (Dan/bk)

  • 9/29, SG Sign-Ups Continue (jag)

  • 9/29, Pizza with the Pastors (jag)


  • 10/2, All-Campus LTM (Rob)

  • 10/5, Women’s Retreat, “Fall Afresh” w Lucy Guerra (Rob)

  • 10/6, SG’s begin (jag)

  • 10/19, NMS (jag)

  • 10/25, Friday Night Worship & Prayer (Dan/bk)

  • 10/26, Mini-MTOC (TW)

  • 10/31, Trunk-Or-Treat (TW)


  • 11/1-2, Northlands Pastor Overnight (BK)

  • 11/6, ??Pastor Downline LTM’s (each pastor)??

  • 11/10, Baptisms (jag)

  • 11/24, Taste of Evergreen (jag)

  • 11/24, Thank Offering (TW)

  • 11/27, Weds Night Worship & Prayer (before Thanksgiving – Rob/Dan)


  • 12/4, ??Pastor Downline LTM’s (each pastor)??

  • 12/7, Women’s Christmas Celebration (TW)

  • 12/8, Child Dedications (Deacon)

  • 12/24 (Tuesday), two Christmas Eve Services at 2pm & 4pm (SB)

Dad’s Workshop – Every 2nd Sunday at 9:45am in rm 126

Mom’s Time – Every 2nd Friday at 9:30am in North Hal

FUSION (formerly Faithwalkers) lead by Pastor Chris Biang.

1/2-5/2020 – Kalahari Resorts (great BIG indoor waterpark – in WI Dells.)  Tom Short will be the main speaker.  This year there will be two tracks one for students/singles another for families.  Dates: Students Jan.2-5, Families Jan.3-5.  This will be all under one roof and at the premier resort in the area.  

2/14-15, Marriage Conference

6/18-19, Pastors Conference – hosted @ Evergreen-Bl

7/22-26, MTOC 2020